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Oct 30, 2019 Update:

The Comcast Innovation Fund is no longer accepting applications for our 2018 funding year.   We will begin accepting new applications for the 2019 funding year in January 2019.

If you have a grant application that was already submitted for the 2018 funding year, we are finalizing our review of 2018 grant applications and will contact you when a decision has been made.  

thank you,
Comast Innovation Fund

As the largest video, high-speed Internet, and phone provider to residential customers, Comcast Cable is committed to supporting external technical research and open source software development. Over the long term, this can lead to critical insights and advancements that can positively benefit consumers by delivering innovative new generations of products faster than ever before.

The Comcast Innovation Fund offers funding for researchers at leading academic institutions and elsewhere to support research that is of mutual interest to Comcast and the research community. It also provides funding to support open source software development. While Comcast has supported this kind of work for many years, we are now doing so in a more strategic way.



Research Grants can be either general or targeted. A general research grant provides an unrestricted award of funds to support researchers, usually at colleges and universities. These grants are focused on supporting excellent technical research in a wide variety of fields that are relevant to the broadband industry and/or to Comcast specifically. In contrast, a targeted research grant is more narrowly tailored and typically study more specific issues. In either case, applicants are encouraged to consider grants that may have a cooperative focus, whereby researchers can be matched with a Comcast engineering liaison who will be involved with the research. Applicants for these grants may be organizations, academic institutions, or individuals.


Open Source Development Grants are intended to fund new or continued development of open source software in areas of interest to Comcast or of benefit to the Internet and broadband industries. This can fund a range of development, from adding specific features to an existing open source project, to general support of an open source project in which we are interested. Applicants for these grants may be organizations, academic institutions, or individuals.



  • Broadband & Internet Technology
  • Video Technology & Codecs
  • Voice Technology & Codecs
  • Gigabit Applications
  • IPv6
  • Buffer Bloat, AQM & TCP Congestion Control
  • Self-Organizing Networks
  • Cloud Computing
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Machine-to-Machine
  • Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
  • Software Defined Networking (SDN)


  • Home Networking Performance Analysis & Diagnostics
  • Network Utilization Measurement
  • Internet Performance & Quality of Experience (QoE) Measurement 
  • Large Scale Data Stores & Data Analysis
  • Data-Driven Network Diagnostics


  • Accessibility
  • Automated Content Recognition
  • Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
  • Semantic Analysis / Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Speech Recognition
  • End User / Device Interaction
  • Search & Recommendation
  • Artificial Intelligence


  • DHCP
  • IPv6
  • Buffer Bloat & AQM
  • Home Gateway Software
  • Web Services
  • Cloud-Related Software
  • Video Streaming
  • Content Distribution
  • Routing & Network Function Virtualization


  • Malware Detection & Remediation
  • IoT Security
  • Cryptographically-Secured Communications
  • New Secure Certificate Systems & Uses
  • Identity Management
  • User Authentication
  • Parental Controls
  • Child Protection Technologies
  • Policy & Standards


  • Education Technology
  • Remote Learning
  • Telemedicine / E-Healthcare
  • Home Automation
  • Home Security
  • IoT
  • Digital assistant technology
  • Immersive Telepresence
  • Wireless Technology


Grants are made on a rolling basis throughout the year, so applications can be submitted at any time. Applicants are now able to track the progress of their grant application via this website. The amount of time it takes to assess an application and come to a decision varies widely, so we are unable to commit to a specific turnaround time following an application.


Depending upon the type of grant, the funding may take the form of an unrestricted gift to the designated researcher's academic institution or may be a targeted/restricted grant to the applicable individual or organization. Larger grants may also be paid out in increments, such as over time or based upon meeting certain milestones in the work. From time-to-time, Comcast may permit some of the grants to cover expenses to be incurred for work to be performed within an agreed timeframe. Comcast reserves the right, particularly for larger general grants and for all targeted grants, to require additional written agreements governing each grant.

All decisions on whether to accept or reject grants, and the amount of any approved grant, will be made in Comcast's sole discretion through review processes by knowledgeable employees and advisors. Moreover, Comcast may elect to change, expand, reduce or discontinue the scope of this program at any time.